WordPress Development

We 💕 WordPress.

So much so, its a core part of the business.

WordPress is a brilliant open source CMS that powers a sizeable majority of websites. Sadly it can get a bad reputation as a lot of agencies utilise third party themes and/or plugins to build their clients sites which presents a number of undesirables situations for the client and their website’s users.

We make beautiful, secure, SEO friendly and accessible sites, hosted on our sustainable hosting platforms (We can reduce the footprint of your site by up to 60%!).
From design to code and ‘go live’ all processes are performed to our perception of best-in-class, so you have confidence in our work and we take pride in what we do.

Our design team will work with you to determine the final design, content and functionality with development team members present. Once at the stage for the development team to start, we work and test along side for the entire process.

This allows us to create self documenting code that runs fast, error free and securely while also helping to bolster user experience, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and require less processor power on the hosting platforms with zero compromise on the final product.

We also develop plugins and third party microservices for WordPress such as integration for LearnDash to send data into another bespoke cloud platform for realtime patient data and extending WooCommerce’s functionality.

If you have a WordPress project you’d like to discuss, pop James a line on james@isitmeanttodothat.io or 07891537693.