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Get an audit on your site’s health for
SEO, Accessibility (WCAG), performance & Security.

We have a wealth of experience in building and ensuring sites are healthy across performance, SEO and accessibility for brands and businesses of all shapes and sizes. Not only are some aspects of a website a legal requirement, such as WCAG requirements to avoid disability discrimination and GDPR, but some can adversely affect your online presence and discoverability.

With us working with you to improve your site’s overall health, we can help you turn around your online presence, in turn giving you a better ROI with a higher conversion rate for contact or e-commerce.

Poor performance can not only put visitors off, but Google won’t score the site as highly as other, faster and better coded websites. Accessible websites are easier to use, intuitive and smoother to use, which means better retention of users and a higher number of conversions, and, if applicable, to your ecommerce or when a potential client tries to make contact with you.
SEO is vital to your site being found. Properly structuring content and avoiding common mistakes can help long term.
Why not explore all three points together to be a better website.
Our auditing and consultancy focuses on the following areas:
Performance metrics and security

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Ensuring your site is accessible not only means you are fulfilling the obligation of being on the right side of discrimination laws; but it also means that your site will be easier to use for all visitors. When a site is adequately accessible, this means not only those with more challenging disabilities can use your site, but it means those who have mild visibility impairments that require glasses, or those who are colour-blind can see the content correctly. This also improves the experience for everyone.

How often do you find yourself struggling to read text overlaid on an image? Ensuring you are compliant means this common issue shouldn’t happen on your website.
By improving this area, the hierarchy of content and how it is easier to read by machine, such as text-to-speech, will also have tangible benefits to your SEO.

With our consultancy, we would work either with your design team or manage it ourselves to improve upon these points and discuss what level of WCAG/Aria standards that should be attained.


Having a slow site can cause you more issues than you may realise. Users of the internet are notoriously impatient, if they land on a site, and it is slow to load they will often leave quite quickly. This is known as your ‘bounce rate’ which can be viewed in your site’s analytics.
An audit from us would address issues such as FOUC (Flash Of Unstyled Content), slow loading and assets perhaps loading in the wrong order, therefore causing menus to stop working for users.

We also look into factors such as where improvements in general could be made, such as images and static assets that could be slowing your site down.
Depending on how you’d like us to work with you, we can also look into the code itself to ensure the site’s code is optimised for speed and security. With the security aspect; we can also look into the server itself to ensure optimisations for speed and security such as headers, sniffing and effective Apache/nginx configurations and caching policies are in place.

Once we have ascertained where issues exist, we’ll provide you with an easily digestible report outlining where improvements can be made by yourselves/your development/IT team or we’ll discuss next steps for us to help you. For security audits, we would initially like to discuss your concerns and environment and come back to you with a robust estimate.


Ensuring your content is human-readable, and the basic foundations of SEO content such as metadata, Alt text and HTML content order and hierarchy are correct also forms part of the accessibility component. We will then work through and make suggestions with regard to the improvement of your SEO performance, and even help with creation of interstitial pages that would help funnel users and search engines to improve your website’s visibility for the relevant search terms.

As part of this assessment, we can advise you or your website’s management team to make the changes, or we can handle this for you.

We also offer pre-launch checks and audits, Hosting and server security and testing to ensure your site is reporting to Google Analytics, in addition to further FCA/PCI/DSS auditing.


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