A core to our business is Sustainability and use of renewable energy, cutting our hosting power demands whilst delivering the exceptional.

Not just delivering marketing fluff and marking our own homework.

Is it meant to do that? has core principles of social good, from our treatment of members and subcontractors with fair pay and happiness (remember, mental health is wealth!), to our mission of reducing energy consumption and using only renewable energy in all of our projects, without compromising on our clients’ performance.

It has long played on our minds just how resource intensive a single standard rack of hosting servers and associated gubbins to run the show.

We research our suppliers to ensure renewable, green and clean power is used and any innovation in HVAC power reduction for the cooling of these lumps of technology. On top of this we optimise the servers depending on each clients requirements to consume less power and even use specialist architectures such as ARM based clusters to reduce energy requirements by up to 60% compared on a performance graded like-for-like!

Its not just the hosting we fret about, we consider locations of data centres for the core audience to reduce network hops to the site for the user. This significantly benefits the performance and energy requirements of  the sites.

But wait, theres more! We also work hard to ensure the website or app itself runs efficiently which reduces the processor strain, so less power and still no compromise!

This is because we work and study the waterfall performance in development so the end result is a fast to load, easy to use experience for the user even if their device is a bit old or the network is slow; by baking our ethos into our code and infrastructure we can support your business’ sustainability and ethical morals.

If you’d like to know more, please drop us a line at, call on 020 4574 6667 or WhatsApp.