Aston Martin Heritage Racing

We took the heritage of Aston Martin to produce a website to promote and raise awareness of Aston Martin Heritage Racing, delivering a user experience worthy of the band.

AMHR Website screenshot

We worked with a partner agency in Monaco to deliver the website through largely iterative test driven development reflowing the e-commerce system as needed to represent the high end and personal approach to Aston Martin’s reputation and heritage. Using best practices we initially worked to a cohesive look and feel of the main Aston Martin website, eventually breaking away a little and forging the Aston Martin Heritage Racing website’s own identity with an easy to use flow for drivers wishing to partake in the events while maintaining a lifestyle, magazine approach to the event pages, calendar and other non-ticket related pages.

A lot of this project required rapid redevelopment for close upcoming events, user journey reflow and thankfully a designer who loves his motorsport!

The Site was built with Zurb Foundation, bespoke code and WordPress.

Technical stack

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AWS is an industry leader in hosting and compute platform. We use AWS for their use of renewable energy and net zero goals.
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Adobe Creative Cloud including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro and more
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Bootstrap is a front end framework.
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CSS is the clothes of the internet, allowing us to style every element of a website.
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Foundation is an advanced SCSS/CSS front end framework with a focus on speed and accessibility. (We ❤️ it).
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HTML5 is the very building blocks of all internet facing things. We work hard to produce clean HTML output for resilience and performance.
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Javascript is a scripting language to handle anything from simple manipulation/animations to full blown applications.
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Node.js is a javascript engine to allow for compiling and maintaining our Javascript code bases and build tools.
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PHP is a programming language that's open source, frequently updated and maintained. Since 2011 its had nearly an 80% marketshare globally.
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SASS/SCSS allows us to write faster, more consistent and precise CSS as well as containing some cool and useful features outside of the scope of regular CSS (We also 😍 SASS with Foundation).
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Zeplin is another collaborative design tool for designers and developers.
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