Bleecker Burger

Bleecker’s motto; “Commitment to the burger” took us on a fun adventure in product design to ensure the burger was a consistent, juicy burger. Every time.

Commitment to the burger

We worked with a metal fabricator with Formula One pedigree and the MD of Is it meant to do that? to create the perfect burger press. Why you may ask? Well, as Bleecker themselves state its all in “The commitment to the burger”. We were tasked with making the mince meat from one butcher in Bermondsey that gives the Bleecker burger its amazing taste and create a consistency of the burger between all restaurants and pop-ups.

It was a fun, tasty project which lead to a consistent patty and a further delve into product design which we thoroughly enjoyed working on. We have a history in a past time as individuals creating exciting and essential physical designs from furniture to marine products as well as architecture. How about that!

We designed on napkins, Moleskins and CAD.

Technical stack

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Autodesk is the industry standard for 2D and 3D design and modelling for physical, real world design.