CGL Marine Finance

Working to further improve from our last iteration of the marine finance system, we’ve made improvements that benefit all parties.

Image of the finance marine mortgage tool.

Improving on our last iteration of the marine mortgage calculator for CGL/CGI finance we have ensures it remains snappy and easy to use and generates as few warnings or out of scope error messages by manipulating the user inputs to prevent options such as loan term exceeding the maximum term for the age of the boat.

We are passionate about making the web an easier place to navigate and use, and believe it’s these little things that make online fintech easier to use, building on our past experience for a well known insurers business insurance wizard we bought our wealth of knowledge to this project.

“I have worked with James and Geoff at IMTDT for the last 5 years. IMTDT have helped both General Yachting and Leisure Finance and the UK Branch of CGI Finance with online quote tools and website support. James and Geoff are helpful and approachable. They are a pleasure to work with”

CGI Finance tool as an example of improving UX and accessibility within fintech.

In this screenshot of the finance system in place on Ancasta’s website you can see that if any of the parameters are out of scope they are amended on the fly, instead of generating an error.

This allows us to remove frustrations of the potential customer if the desired loan term isn’t available due to the boat’s age or deposit. There are a number of variables that could generate errors with the old system that Is it meant to do that? have remedied.

Just one of many things we like to fuss over.

Marine Finance on Yachts.coAs seen on

Anctasta Yachts FinanceAs seen on Ancasta
Clipper Marine finance/marine mortgageAs seen on Clipper Marine

The marine finance system is in use on many reputable marine brokers such as:
Sunseeker, Clipper Marine, Atlantic Yachts, Sea Ventures, BHG Marine, Key Yachting, Berthon Boat Company, Sunsail,, and Ancasta.


We have also supported a number of these yacht brokers web development teams and even providing training to integrate the system or migrate from the former GY&LF system.

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