We designed and built a Finance tool and website for the UK’s premier marine finance company with well known marine partners.

Image of GYLF Website

Initially starting with the re-development of a financial tool to provide a representation on vessels of moderate to high value on websites such as Ancasta, Clipper Marine and Princess Yachts to move away from the branding and issues of the current tool provided by another company we set about building an improved journey negating the shortfalls of the previous system that was largely cumbersome and not user friendly. We strived to make sure the error messages were minimal in comparison to the old system and better than the competitors systems, such as little things that instead of the length of loan term exceeding the limit, it simply didn’t allow it but reshuffling variables to the user there and then as well as departing currency and fixed/variable APR backend systems maintainable by the client themselves.

On top of this we were then tasked with building the main website to our best practices of mobile first, SEO and user friendly and most of all, easy to use.

The tech we used was far and wide, mostly Laravel/PHP, javascript, Zurb Foundation and WordPress. (not to mention a sizeable dose of SCSS and Nespresso)

Technical stack

aws Logo
AWS is an industry leader in hosting and compute platform. We use AWS for their use of renewable energy and net zero goals.
adobe Logo
Adobe Creative Cloud including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro and more
css Logo
CSS is the clothes of the internet, allowing us to style every element of a website.
foundation Logo
Foundation is an advanced SCSS/CSS front end framework with a focus on speed and accessibility. (We ❤️ it).
html Logo
HTML5 is the very building blocks of all internet facing things. We work hard to produce clean HTML output for resilience and performance.
js Logo
Javascript is a scripting language to handle anything from simple manipulation/animations to full blown applications.
node Logo
Node.js is a javascript engine to allow for compiling and maintaining our Javascript code bases and build tools.
php Logo
PHP is a programming language that's open source, frequently updated and maintained. Since 2011 its had nearly an 80% marketshare globally.
sass Logo
SASS/SCSS allows us to write faster, more consistent and precise CSS as well as containing some cool and useful features outside of the scope of regular CSS (We also 😍 SASS with Foundation).
wordpress Logo
WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) that powers a lot of the web (43% of the whole internet, 65% of CMS driven sites). It's ease of use, frequent updates and available tools make it a perfect choice for a lot of applications.
yarn Logo
Yarn is another popular Javascript build tool.