From Mindfulness to SEO: Ensuring local wellbeing and mental health resources are easy to find

Isorropia, an Isle of Wight mental health organisation, were struggling to get their message of wellbeing and mindfulness and recovery to residents of the island.

As we explored their needs and challenges, we realised that their main issue was usability and their visitors finding the right, useful resources both on their former website and though SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

We worked with their in-house creative team to refine and help ideate on a new functional design focussing on accessibility, legibility and SEO content after. The project was delivered in a speedy agile workflow without any issues.

Working with Issoripia’s in-house creative team, we developed a clean, clear website with modular elements for ease of use and granular control of what was visible at any time.

To ensure ease of use, we used a bespoke WordPress instance that ensured all of their content and any future website updates would be easily seen and understood by search engines.

(It means ‘balance’ in Greek, btw)

Technical stack

affinity Logo
Affinity is a powerful design suite to rival Adobe.
bootstrap Logo
Bootstrap is a front end framework.
css Logo
CSS is the clothes of the internet, allowing us to style every element of a website.
figma Logo
Figma is a design suite designed for applications and websites.
foundation Logo
Foundation is an advanced SCSS/CSS front end framework with a focus on speed and accessibility. (We ❤️ it).
html Logo
HTML5 is the very building blocks of all internet facing things. We work hard to produce clean HTML output for resilience and performance.
js Logo
Javascript is a scripting language to handle anything from simple manipulation/animations to full blown applications.
php Logo
PHP is a programming language that's open source, frequently updated and maintained. Since 2011 its had nearly an 80% marketshare globally.
sass Logo
SASS/SCSS allows us to write faster, more consistent and precise CSS as well as containing some cool and useful features outside of the scope of regular CSS (We also 😍 SASS with Foundation).
wordpress Logo
WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) that powers a lot of the web (43% of the whole internet, 65% of CMS driven sites). It's ease of use, frequent updates and available tools make it a perfect choice for a lot of applications.