L’oreal events

Localised events powered by centralised platforms. Because we’re worth it.

L’Oreal helps us all look beautiful every day. We helped keep their websites looking beautiful, too.

In concert with online and hybrid events across the country, beauty powerhouse L’Oreal needed a number of online platforms and microsites for users to engage with the brand and receive tuition from hair and beauty professionals in their area.

Due to the physical nature of some these events, many of the online properties were very similar, but each was localised to the appropriate audience. These details needed to be properly managed to ensure that each one delivered the appropriate local content to the right audience.

Using the flexibility and reliability of Swoogo as the basis for these platforms, we were able to provide custom code and detailed content management to ensure that each property showed only the most appropriate content, keeping the user experience smooth, and silky.

Technical stack

adobe Logo
Adobe Creative Cloud including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro and more
affinity Logo
Affinity is a powerful design suite to rival Adobe.
bootstrap Logo
Bootstrap is a front end framework.
css Logo
CSS is the clothes of the internet, allowing us to style every element of a website.
html Logo
HTML5 is the very building blocks of all internet facing things. We work hard to produce clean HTML output for resilience and performance.
js Logo
Javascript is a scripting language to handle anything from simple manipulation/animations to full blown applications.
sass Logo
SASS/SCSS allows us to write faster, more consistent and precise CSS as well as containing some cool and useful features outside of the scope of regular CSS (We also 😍 SASS with Foundation).